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19th Century Japanese Woodblock Print, Titled "Hara" by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi


American made needle point of a Japanese Geisha wood block print with butterflies


Japanese Wood Block Print of a Geisha


Japanese Wood Block Print of a woman with a lantern


Japanese wood block print of Samurai fighting


Japanese Wood Block Print of Two Geisha women one playing a Kokyu.


Japanese Wood Block Print of two women one small and one large.


20th Century Blue floral, Framed & Glazed Print on blue background, Gold Painted frame H. 40" X W. 17"


20th Century Japanese Print "The Pass through the Mountains", Mt. Utsu, Original by Fukaye Roshu (6 panel) H. 21" X W. 42"


20th Century Japanese Print of a horse farm, gold painted frame H. 38" X W. 17" (Six Panel)


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