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Gallery: 303-733-2623  Cleaning: 303-893-2583
TUE-SAT: 10-5 | SUN & MON: Closed
Price List
                    Washing Pickup & Delivery


                    Side Wrapping
                    Sleeve for hanging
                    Velcro sleeve for hanging
                    Machine Binding

                    A 2% insurance charge will be added to all services

                    Storage Preparation
                         Up to 6' x 9'
                         6' x 9' to 10' x 14'
                         10' x 14' and above

     Sarkisian's does not provide long term storate. If a rug is left with Sarkisian's following a cleaning, charges will be as follow:
                    First 90 days with Sarkisian's
                    Charge per month following 90-day grace period
                    1st rug
                    each additional rug
$5.25 per square foot

$50.00 round trip
Price varies outside Denver Metro area

$40.00 per hour (Estimate only)

$40.00 per foot
$40.00 per foot
$40.00 per foot
$40.00 per foot
$40.00 per foot
$20.00 per foot

$20.00 per rug
$40.00 per rug
$50.00 per rug


$30.00 per month
$15.00 per month


                    Ultimat (intended for carpet use, works on hard floor)
                    Rug Anchor - rubber pad (best for hard floor)
$20.00 per linear foot (12 foot wide roll)
$3.50 per square foot

                    Informal Discussion
                    Formal (management to location)
                                $100 trip charge Denver, $200 trip charge Boulder
                    Formal (in store)
$0.00 - in-store only
$100.00 first rug or art piece
$50.00 each additional rug or art piece
$60.00 first rug or art piece
$35.00 each additional rug

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