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     The history of Sarkisian's, Colorado's finest dealer of fine antiques and contemporary Oriental rugs, is finely interwoven with the Centennial state's history - resulting in a rich tapestry that pairs the world's most talented artists and artisans with antique aficionados around the globe.
     Sarkisian's Oriental Rugs & Fine Art, a veritable museum of fine art and archeological treasures, has been a Colorado tradition since 1891.  The store truly gained its well-earned reputation under the direction of H. Medill Sarkisian, a third-generation Armenian rug merchant whose global adventures and life's work can and does fill a museum.  Having earned his bachelor's degree in Asian studies at CU, with advanced degrees from Colorado College and Harvard, Sarkisian became fluent in 7 languages practicing as many as 17 at the time of his death and circled the globe many times to become a scholar of Far Eastern history and one of the world's leading archeologists in the study of Asian weaving.
     H. Medill Sarkisian's knowledge was passed on to his son Greg, whom recently passed away in 2010. Greg's sons Tor, Medill, Armen and Tigran Sarkisian are the 5th generation and current owners of the business.  Tor and Medill operate the business and are both knowledgeable in all areas of Asian art, from Oriental rugs to the store's incomparable collection of Asian objects d'art including Islamic metal; ceramic and textile art; Chinese tomb figures; Chinese and Japanese paintings, sculpture and textiles; and art from Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Benin and Armenia, with smaller a selection of Native American, South and Central American, African and European objects d'art.
     In addition to offering the finest in Far Eastern rugs, antiques, antiquities and artifacts, Sarkisian's offers discriminating clientele the finest service as one of the few rug merchants in the country to provide professional cleaning and restoration services. 
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