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Sarkisian's Rugs & Fine Art
Rug Cleaning & Restoration
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Colorado's finest dealer of Antique and Contemporary rugs, Chinese antiques, Japanese antiques, Indonesian art, Middle Eastern antiques, fine art and archeological treasures, including Neolithic pottery circa 1200 B.C.

Sarkisian's is a veritable museum of oriental rugs and fine art. Sarkisian’s is known as one the leading experts in Middle Eastern, European & Asian weaving, offering a splendid array of contemporary and antique rugs. 
Sarkisian’s also offers the finest professional rug cleaning and restoration services in Colorado.

Call Sarkisian’s today to schedule your rug cleaning. We provide the best value in town with the most experienced cleaners and low prices. Your rug will look like new when finished. We also offer pickup and delivery!

A Colorado tradition since 1891.
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